MeeDoc connects patients & doctors seamlessly with a simple app.

MeeDoc for patients

No more queuing at the clinic

Get treatment immediately from the comfort of your own home and the prescription delivered to your nearest pharmacy.

MeeDoc travels with YOU

Connect with your doctor on the go, whenever and wherever you are.

Get peace of mind

Consult a health care professional. Maternity nurses, doctors and psychiatrist, we'll help you get better sooner.

What people say about MeeDoc

“MeeDoc has made it easier to visit a doctor abroad. I’ve been living in Germany for extended periods and now been connecting with a Finnish doctor via MeeDoc has been super handy. I even get the prescription to my local pharmacy.”


“I got a fever in the middle of my university day, there were no available times at the doctors. My friend recommended I try MeeDoc. In no time I was connected to a doctor via video and received the prescription to my nearest pharmacy.”


“Visiting the doctor couldn’t be easier. I received help from my desk at work for my pollen allergy which seems to surprise me every spring.”


Chat and send images.

The simplest way to talk with our doctors.

Connect with video.

Talk face-to-face, like at the clinic.

Health records in your pocket.

Simple and convenient way to track your health.

Connect with our doctors or your own doctor

Connect with our doctors or your own doctor

With MeeDoc you can connect to wide selection of healthcare professionals, from maternity nurses and GPs to Psychiatrists and Dermatologist.

If your own doctor is using MeeDoc, you'll now be able to receive treatment without visiting the clinic, and from the comfort of your home.

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MeeDoc for doctors.

The simplest patient communication tool tailored for your security, compliance and business needs.

Do consultations on your smart phone, you can work when ever you want and where ever you are.

Safe messaging and video calls with your patients. All communication is encrypted.

You set the price, we take a small transaction fee. No hidden costs and no commitments.

The easiest way to provide compliant telemedicine

Simple to set up and easy to use

MeeDoc takes 10 minutes to set up. It is as simple to use as any other consumer messaging app. Instant messages, photos and video calls like you and your patients are used to.

Safe communication

MeeDoc lets you communicate with your patients while making sure you are secure. Communication with MeeDoc is encrypted and safe. We never store information in a device so your data is always safe.

In-app patient charging

MeeDoc lets you to set your own prices and allows you to offer concierge services. MeeDoc charges the patient in-app and we make sure you receive your payment.

What doctors say about MeeDoc

“I liked MeeDoc from the start - it's so simple to use. Seeing the patient face-to-face on video is very different from just talking over the phone. You can relax, forget there's even a device and just focus on the patient.”

Dr Sami Raasakka, YTHS medical director

“The health care field is evolving from new possibilities to extend the reach and quality of care with patient friendly technology. MeeDoc is a spear heading this transformation and it's great to be part of that change.”

Dr Mikko Lehtovirta, General practitioner

“As soon as I got MeeDoc on my phone, I was hooked. Every time I had a few extra minutes, I’d just type a few replies to questions on chat. Best part is keeping my personal life and free time in control – one tap and it’s on mute.”

Dr Wille Komulainen, CMO

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